In July 2017, I was desperate to lose weight.  I had gotten to 166 pounds after my husband died (in 2012), but nothing seemed to work for me.  I have no idea what gave me the idea, but I decided to give up meat and animal products.  Going to youtube, I was amazed to find thousands of videos.

At  this point I went to my doctors and told them I was going to stop taking my blood pressure med.  They agreed that IF I LOST WEIGHT, I could probably do so.

Remembering Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his G-BOMBS, I started with watching some of his teaching videos.  I began whole-food, plant-based eating instantly, giving up everything that wasn't a whole plant food.  Weight loss in the first two weeks: 15 pounds.  By the end of the month, 20 lbs.  Only then did the weight loss slow down.

Slowly, my blood pressure started coming down.  Now, Jan 2018, my readings are 124-73 or so.  I know that the fatty deposits in my arteries are dissolving, reducing the pressure.  As I continue to eat this way, it will probably reduce even lower.

I'm getting so many questions that I decided to create a doc to share online.  See the page TOOLS AND TIPS.

NUTRITION BITS will share my personal practices, what I eat, etc., as well as significant research that I feel is critical to your health. 

I will be sharing great recipes on the BLOG PAGE w/Q&A!

UPDATE March 2018:  My weight is now 135 and BMI 22.5.   What's not to love?  My  blood pressure with NO MEDICINE is now 127/68.