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General guidelines...



HEALTH ITEMS! (Just a start!)

     If you have a good health food store in your area (in Baton Rouge, first check Our Daily Bread on Florida and the Whole Food Market).  You may be able to find some of these items like the Celtic Sea Salt and Stevia. Others you can order online.

 STEVIA -- the only safe sugar substitute. No bitter aftertaste, this South American sweet herb actually helps to regulate your blood sugar with no bad side effects.  Whole Food Market now sells a large bottle for $17.00 or so which goes a loooong way.  You can buy TRUVIA (which is stevia) at Wal Mart.


     Check Whole Food Store for the sprouts themselves or Our Daily Bread (health food store) for these great seeds and the jar for sprouting them. I use sprouts (which are bursting with enzymes!) in all my salads and in some other dishes. SUPER FOODS! Check out sprouting kits online. You can order anything these days.


     Buy raw PUMPKIN, FLAX, SESAME (HULLED), and SUNFLOWER SEEDS. Put one scoop of each into a jar and cover with water. (Should be about ½-1 inch over the top of the seeds.) I add a tablespoon of Dole pineapple juice concentrate and mix well. Soak overnight, mix, and store in the refrigerator. In the morning for breakfast, I take two tablespoons, rinse and drain in a small strainer and add these soaked seeds to my organic yogurt or cottage cheese. Soaking the seeds starts the germination process. You are eating a wonderful live food full of enzymes and they are highly digestible! (Add to the yogurt a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil, a tablespoon of Barlean's flaxseed oil, stevia to taste and Nutri-fruit for flavor; mix well-- yum!)



     I highly recommend this salt which contains about 85 minerals from the sea. It improves concentration, hydration, and replenishes minerals which you lose due to stress. Both Our Daily Bread and Whole Food Market sell Celtic Sea Salt.  You can buy other wholesome salts there as well. 


     (a powdered green food source which you can make into splendid green drinks which alkalinize the system [acidic systems breed disease]} The products you want here are GARDEN OF LIFE brand. 







     I know you've heard that coconut oil, a saturated fat is bad for you--but the opposite is true!  This oil actually helps burn fat in your body and will not negatively affect your cholestral.  Use extra-virgin coconut oil, preferably.  You can cook with it and eat it mixed in smoothies.  I use mine in organic yogart or cottage cheese.  It will help take off the weight!  Also available on the previous website (


         --Really, any time you eat cooked food, you need to take enzymes because cooking destroys them. Without them you don't digest your food. It's a major cause of digestion problems, toxic gut, and many other health issues. I found a great place online to order  SOURCE NATURALS' Daily Essential Enzymes:   (digestive enzymes):  



      --Fresh berries are wonderful, but I discovered this source of the most amazing antioxidant, easy to use and delicious fruit powders. I flavor my yogurt and organic cream cheese for my breakfast of yogurt and soaked seeds (raw pumpkin, flax, sesame, and sunflower) sweetened with STEVIA. The ORAC values of the black raspberry are phenomenal! Use with Kefir, pineapple juice concentrate, Stevia, and a couple slices of banana to make delicious smoothies when you have to have something sweet.





     – Expensive, but can be useful to recover from illness.  CLICK TO "Order Now" and set up a discounted automatic shipping option! Read about this. Most people don't know that the marrow of all adults produce stem cells. What happens is that as we age, they decline in number and vitality. Stem \enhance is a biological formular (from sea vegetation) which encourages a 30% increase in adult stem cell activity for up to 6 hours after you take it. Stem Enhance shoots to any organ of the body which has been compromised.




- Has information on many topics. Look up the articles on FLAXSEED OIL, EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL.



       I recently made a discovery and ordered some small bottles of pure emu oil from Longview Farms. You have to see the photos of burns, etc. treated with this oil. Read about it. The oil penetrates the skin in a remarkable way and is antibacterial also.  There's nothing like it. Great moisturizer.




   This is the one book recommended by the Stupkas at the Center for Natural Healing. There's so much information about correct eating here, and explanations about all diet components. The only error in the book (pointed out by the Stupkas) is that CANOLA oil is toxic and should be avoided. It is not fit for human consumption. This is how I started my basically raw food diet. I read this book and studied it several times. As you learn, you can explore many websites about raw food. Terry and Mark recommend a little organic chicken and fish in the diet as well, so it's not a totally vegetarian diet. I strongly feel that the more raw, green veggies you can work in, especially sprouts of all kinds, the better your health will be. I'm going in that direction myself.


DIET SUMMARY: What I do everyday:

Breakfast: raw soaked seeds, organic cottage cheese or yogurt, stevia, (nutri-fruit, when I can afford it!)

Glass of   PERFECT FOOD (1 scoop) + 1/2 tsp Celtic Salt with     Vitalizer plus water

 Lunch: large vegetable salad, usually raw spinach or romaine, zesty sprout mix (good handful) when I have it, sliced purple cabbage + other items of your choice, grape tomatoes, sliced peppers, craisins (dried cranberry), finely sliced broccoli, sliced cheese, soaked almonds, sliced organic turkey or chicken, or a piece of fish on the side when I have time to fix it.  See my recipes for salads!

 Supper: steamed or stir-fry veggies or beans & rice, or hummus and spelt crackers, or quick soup:

 RECIPE: half a cup or more of water, bit of basil,                           Celtic Salt, and veggie/s of your choice: broccoli, cabbage,      cauliflower or mixed squash + red onion. tiny piece of garlic,    cayenne, organic butter, olive oil. Bring only the veggies to a boil, but don't cook more than about three minutes (Just enough to get hot).         Throw them in your blender (a VITA MIX is great if and when you    can afford it). Add the oil and butter AFTER you have heated the         veggies. You will be amazed how delicious this can be--mostly raw    and full of enzymes. You can have a salad of any kind, or fruit, or a               fruit salad, or beans or bean soup (great to soak them first and get     them to germinate, then cook them on low, low heat!)

      I also indulge in cornbread made from organic ingredients.       This  is a great supper with beans or soup on a cold night.



     (but don't drink with meals!) ORGANIC LEMONADE -lemons are great any way you can use them, extremely cleansing. So are limes.  Check out LIVER FLUSH online also. There are great and simple recipes you can use.  Make a great ginger tea—also fights infection!   See my recipes for smoothies--ginger tea is there also!

Look for recipes online--there are many of them. Explore RAW FOODS + RECIPES (use a search engine).



Drs. Mark Stupka and Terry Stupka

149 Cora Dr. (not far from Our Daily Bread health food store on Florida)    Baton Rouge, LA

PH: 927-9273



 SUPPLEMENTS --These are the essential ones: 

***Celtic Sea Salt –for minerals

***Digestion Essentials (Dr. Gillham’s formula) – enzymes to digest   your cooked foods.  Raw foods are rich in the enzymes needed  for digestion.  Cooking destroys enzymes!  If you cook, you  must supplement with digestive enzymes!

***Probiotics –the intestines contain pounds of healthy good bacteria.         Probiotics supplement and support a healthy intestinal immune   system.  If you ever take an antibiotic, you are destroying these good bacteria as well as the bad ones and must put the good ones   back in –or suffer the consequences, indigestion, gas, diarrhea,    constipation, etc. 

Perfect Food – a greens supplement, if you can afford it (also contains  fermented foods and probiotics).  Also great for alkalizing your body.

Saw Palmetto 160 mg. daily for men’s prostrate

***Flax Seed oil – Barlean’s (tablespoon in your yogurt)

A good multi-vitamin maybe every other day (it depends on how   wholesome your diet is)—right now we are taking Whole Food’s  brand, Whole Foods Complete.

Calm –Dr. Peter Gillham’s anti-stress drink, a magnesium supplement  which balances the calcium in your system ( I take it when I can afford it! )


 Soaked seeds:  pumpkin, sesame, flax, sunflower

Healthy oils:  virgin coconut oil (can take heat well), grapeseed (use   Vegennaise (brand) made with grapeseed oil instead of mayonnaise), sunflower, olive oil (doesn’t like heat, use in salads)

Greens of all types—parsley is wonderful.  All the dark greens are super.  See the page on Alkalizing foods!

Organic apples  -- I eat about one a day:  Gala, Fuji, Braeburn are  crisp and sweet alone or  blended with greens or in salads.  Granny Smith is the lowest in sugars.

Spelt flour—a type of wheat which has not been tampered with or  hybridized.  Look for Mr Kracker (crackers made of spelt) or  other spelt products.

Wild rice maybe mixed with other whole rices.

 I generally try to stay away from too many carbohydrates and   eat more green vegetables, carrots, etc.  Avoid white potatoes     altogether and too many servings of root vegetables.

Nut butters –excellent, but not to be eaten on bread!  Eat with celery   or apples.

Kefir – a fermented milk product is healthy anytime!  Great for making   smoothies and late night snacks.  Kefir smoothies keep me from  eating ice cream!  Fermented foods are rich in probiotics!   See my page on recipes!

Fish, especially salmon and the omega 3 rich fishes, organic chicken,   turkey, etc.  Do not eat soy unless it is fermented.  Soy molecules are too large for human digestion.  See my recipe page for Salmon Salad



 Don’t drink with your meals.  Liquids dilute digestive stomach acid or enzymes.

 Follow basic good food combining practices.  If you don’t know what this is,  see my  page or  go online and look it up.  Read how to combine foods so that your body can readily digest and use nutrients.  Ex.  If you eat a piece of steak, a salad, a baked potato, and a dessert, your body cannot digest the meal.  Acid is needed to digest the meat, but the enzymes needed to digest the starches will neutralize the acid.  Either the starches or the meat will putrify in your system, causing gas, constipation, etc.  Combine proteins like meat or fish with green salads and green vegetables.  Combine carbohydrates with other carbohydrates:  beans and rice, bread, potatoes, squashes, etc.  Greens and green salads go with everything!  Fruits are best eaten alone!  Do not mix citrus or melons with other foods—eat alone!  Find a good chart online, print it, study it and use it!  Your body will thank you.

 Try to eat at least one large raw meal a day—ideally a big salad.

 Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and supper like a pauper.  In other words, supper should be your lightest meal.

 Eat heavy proteins before 4:00 p.m.  The body goes into an alkaline mode after that time (approximately), cleansing and building—not digesting!  At breakfast your stomach acid content is optimal for digesting proteins.  But humanize the proteins by eating stir-fry vegetables or greens with the protein—not bread, grits, etc.!  An omelet is ideal.  I usually settle for yogurt and seeds, eating my heaviest protein for lunch!

 If you have to have a sweet, it’s best in the afternoon by itself—not with a meal.

Last, but not least, don’t obsess about this!  Read, learn, begin to practice what you can.  If you can eventually follow this type of diet 85% of the time, you will be doing great!  No one can follow it all the time.  I eat ice cream and other forbidden foods occasionally!  Just get back on track with your next meal!













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