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No doubt everyone now knows that the prevalence of drugs, pesticides, poisons, chemical agents, etc. are having a tremendous erosive effect on our health and that of nature around us, including our pets.  This page will show you some same alternatives.

VINEGAR --First, I learned from Terry and Mark about the vast uses of common, inexpensive vinegar which effectively kills about 99% of bacteria to which it is applied.    I keep a squirt bottle of 1/2 vinegar--1/2 water at each faucet in my home.  I wash my hands with vinegar often.  Also, when you feel the need to wash with soap, follow the washing with vinegar , because soap is alkaline and the skin has a normal acidic mantle for protection.  The vinegar restores the acidic mantle, protecting and soothing the skin.  Vinegar can be used to wash many things around your home as well. Check out this site:


A SAFE SOAP FOR SKIN:   For several years now, my husband and I have been using Miracle II soap.  It is a very pure, mild soap with no harsh chemicals and leaves no residue on the skin.  Please don't be put off by the "miraculous" element of the story.  Read the FAQ page and see how pure and fine the products are.  I buy this soap by the gallon.





     I recently discovered a wonderful, safe product unlike anything I have seen elsewhere.  It is safe to be used even on babies, and can be used to repel and kill insects in your home, yard, kennels, barns, etc. 

 CEDARCIDE made of cedar oil from trees native to Texas is even being shipped to soldiers in Iraq because it repels scorpions.  I have a toy dachshund which I have struggled to keep free of fleas because he is allergic to them and scratched constantly.  I couldn't even find a flea on him, but I always saw bite marks, red, itchy skin, etc. and thought perhaps some type of mite might be affecting him.    I ordered CIDERCIDE and treated his ears (in case he had any mites there) and his body.  Overnight he had relief.  His skin is smooth, his hair is shiny and healthy, and the infernal scratching has stopped. 

 You have to watch the little video and check out the site:  CEDARCIDE



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