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       Actually, I've been diagnosed with CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) back in 1999 or so, but it's been in remission for quite a few years.  I hope it's due to the healthy diet which I've tried to maintain for more of these years, but I also began by taking 2 grams of EVENING PRIMROSE OIL,   ALPHA LIPOIC ACID, and an excellent B complex.  I'm getting even better results with a Neuropathy support supplement here:  


I also discovered an excellent anti-inflammatory formula, ZYFLAMEND.  You can find it by googling it--and it is often available at great discounts.  



When you're feeling ill...



 Always drink lots of pure water! 



-- If you suspect you are coming down with cold or flu, OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT and OIL OF OREGANO kills viruses, bacteria, mold, and yeast.  Take 50 mg. at least three times a day until you feel great again.  It really works on colds, flu, sinus infections, etc.  Buy it at your local health food store. (See "Sinus Infections" at bottom of this page.)  Read more about oil of oregano  on my "Health Articles" page.

 MMS   [Miracle Mineral Supplement] --

 Go to website:   JIM HUMBLE'S WEBSITE ON MMS  and read about MMS, a mineral supplement which can cure many conditions,  INCLUDING AIDS.  The site will explain about doses, varied conditions, etc.  as well as tell you how to order the supplement. 

 GOUT – Fresh cherries or cherry juice are very effective.

 WOUNDS – I’ve had great results washing and flushing, even deep wounds, with sea salt water.  For pressure sores, go to website:  DERMA WOUND   This product is extraordinary.


Go to DR. DAVID WILLIAMS' WEBSITE   and look for a product called JOINT ADVANTAGE.  I once had a little dog who was so crippled with arthritis that she could hardly get up.  I broke the pills into halves or thirds, gave her one a day, and in a couple of months she was literally running around like a puppy again.  George, my husband will swear by it as well!  After surgery on my broken arm and the enforced idleness, my hand was so stiff and painful, I started on this supplement.  It brought me back full usefulness, suppleness, and pain free use! 

PAIN Go to    WEBSITE FOR PAIN RX   Purchase PAIN RX.  You can safely take up to 2 tablets 3 times daily, and it is a safe herbal formula with no side effects.   This really works for all types of pain and discomfort.  It’s a natural COX-2  inhibitor, if you’re familiar with the term.  Drs. Terry and Mark Stupka, my naturopaths (natural healers) recommend PAIN RX. 




ETC.  --  Take probiotics, and you may want to try  HEATHER’S TUMMY FIBER at 



 --I’ve gotten rid of sinus infections by drinking ginger tea several times a day.  Cut up a piece of   FRESH GINGER ROOT (about an inch or more) and blend it with 8-10 oz water. Sweeten with stevia. I also add a little Celtic salt--improves the taste!           This is one serving.  You can also make a quart or more at a time and drink it all through the day. I like to put fresh mint in mine—the greens are great alkalizers!   Ginger kills bacteria, viruses, etc.


I used to have about six sinus infections  a year.  Just about the time I got rid of one, I'd start with another one, and I didn't realize what was causing these.  I also had severe allergies to dust, pet dander, all pollen, grasses, etc.  A nasty set of weaknesses that made me feel bad nearly all the time.  First, to deal with the infection itself:  start with a regimen of OIL OF OREGANO  or OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT (see above notes and my "Articles" page) .  Take it as you would an antibiotic, about every six hours for at least five days.  At the same time, begin drinking lemonade sweetened with stevia.  Lemon helps break up the mucus.  Make ginger tea and drink that all during the day.  You can drink it hot or cold.  For a lingering little infection, sometimes just the ginger tea will knock it out.

For long-range prevention, you have to change your diet.  You have to stay away from dairy products, especially milk and ice cream, ( fermented dairy like yogurt and kefir are all right).  Avoid starchy carbohydrates like breads, pasta, white rice, white potatoes, and get more leafy raw greens into your diet.  Avoid processed food.  Following the kind of diet I outline in this website will get rid of allergies, inprove your digestion, and eliminate susceptibility to pick up sinus infections.  If you want to feel well again and increase your energy levels, you just have to make up your mind to eat the RITE way!


While not exactly an illness, I know that excess weight makes you susceptible to many ills, not the least being diabetes.  Diabetes runs in my family, and about 7-8 years ago, I weighed nearly 180 lbs.  It took a couple of years to normalize my thyroid.  So if you are overweight, you may want to get your thyroid checked.

At the same time I began the Sugar Busters diet , eliminating all sugars from my diet.  I was successful in getting down to a size 12 (down from 16-18!), but it wasn't till I started seeing Dr. Terry and Mark that I saw the greatest improvement. 

      It wasn't  till I started using coconut oil and other healthy oils:  virgin olive oil, sunflower oil,  Barlean's flaxseed oil, and my favorite grapeseed oil, that my weight started melting off.  I began getting more raw salads into my diet, cut the white carbohydrates, and cut back as much as possible on unhealthy sugars.  I wasn't even, at that point, trying to lose weight, but to get back my health.  The weight just kept coming off till now I have had to buy size 6 clothes.  I just can't get over this--I've never been this small in my life!  I thought I was doing well to get to a size 12, but  the fat keeps coming off.  Even if I splurge occasionally and get off my healthy diet (which I stay on about 85% of the time), I only have to cut back the least bit, eat my salads for a couple of days, and any pound or two that I might pick up comes right off again.




       In some cases, I’ve researched and located these items myself.  Also, my naturapaths, Drs. Terry and Mark Stupka, told me about other products, like Pain RX, oil of oregano, etc.  If you have a specific complaint, I can research it.  However, a naturopath’s investigation of your health need is better because so many conditions have multiple causes and related problems, varied imbalances in your glandular, digestive, circulatory systems, etc.   I am just a great client of theirs who has learned a lot for myself.  I’m happy to pass on what I have learned. 


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